36 Elegant Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas On A Budget

When it comes to industrial design, there are a number of things that all contractors involved must be aware of if they want to ensure the success of the project. Often, it is the little things that make the biggest impact on the design and, as such, they are very often overlooked.

By making sure that you’re aware of what can make and break a project, you are less likely to let the pressure get the better of you.

    • Keep it simple: For some reason, there exists this desire to make industrial design overly complex. If your project appears to be quite large and overwhelming (even if it’s not), you’re likely to find that the quotes you receive are much higher than you expected, as the contractor’s want to cover all bases.
    • Colour near misses: Choosing two or three colours that are absolutely disastrous together can mean the end of your project. If you have a colour that is reasonably difficult to match, try using a feature material or multiple shades of the colour instead. This will help to tie the whole thing together classily.
    • Forgetting the ceiling: Did you know that your ceiling is just as important as the floors and walls of your industrial design project? The reality, however, is that this section is often overlooked. Instead of opting for the usual plain white, try to do something a little different and out there with your ceilings.
    • Over deliver results: The advice that most people within this design field will give you is to under promise and over deliver. Your aim is to wow the client with the results. Make sure that you meet deadlines, communicate effectively with your client and deal with issues as soon as they arise (and they will, eventually).
    • Bang for buck: It doesn’t matter how tight your budget is, you should plan to include one attention grabbing element or focal point in your industrial design. This could be some glass tiles on the wall, a dramatic painting, an unusual piece of furniture or even some attractive faucets in the bathroom.

As we mentioned above, these five points are all little elements of an industrial design project but, when done correctly, they can really tie the whole thing together. Likewise, when the above points are tackled in completely the wrong way you will find that your design looks like something a toddler threw up on their dinner. So, what little things can you include in your project that will really make the biggest impact?


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