Luxury Indoor Plants Ideas For Living Room To Make Your Home More Fresh36
Luxury Indoor Plants Ideas For Living Room To Make Your Home More Fresh36

43 Luxury Indoor Plants Ideas For Living Room To Make Your Home More Fresh

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Indoor planters allow us to not only enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers inside our homes, but they also add to the existing décor and with the many different types to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect accent piece for any type or style of room.

Depending on the size you are interested in, you can choose from smaller indoor planters that fit neatly on a side table, or those that are large enough to become the whole focal point of the room. Whether you have a modestly sized apartment or a spacious home, indoor planters and plant stands both give you the ability to use plant life as a part of your interior design. Also, if you’re like most people, your home’s windows and layout aren’t always the most conducive to growing plants or flowers indoors, but with planters, you can easily move them around if need be, even taking them outside for some direct sunlight.

What Type of Indoor Planters Should I Buy?

There are plenty of indoor planters to choose from that will look perfect in your living space regardless of the existing style or décor,simply due to the incredible number of selections available. In fact, there are so many different types that many people have no idea where to begin narrowing down their choices.

According to interior designers who value and even rely on indoor planters for creating unique and welcoming rooms for their clients, the first thing to keep in mind is where you intend on
placing the planters. Do you have surfaces that aren’t already being used and readily available for the new planters, or will you also need some type of plant stand as well? The number of plant stands available rivals the number of different types of planters, so you definitely won’t have any trouble finding one for your needs.

Some of the materials you’ll find used to create indoor planters include a variety of woods, wrought iron, metal, wicker, porcelain, ceramic, stone, marble, resin, and acrylic. Terracotta planters are great for the largest of plants, and this particular material is actually best for the indoors as it doesn’t fare well in the cold. Glazed clay, while not quite as porous as terracotta is also frequently used for indoor planters and can be found in many shapes, colors, and designs.

All plants, of course, need a steady supply of water, and therefore will need to be in a container with a drainage hole. The planters you choose should either be equipped with some type of liner that will protect the rest of the planter, as well as the floor, from water damage, or have the adequate space to insert a liner purchased separately. There are even indoor planters that are self-watering with built-in reservoirs, making it simple to keep plants healthy with minimal effort on your part.

You’ll also want to keep in mind what type of plants you will be growing, how large they’ll get, and how big the entire root will become, making sure there’s plenty of room for growth potential. It’s also a good idea to use a soil mixture that’s especially formulated for containers and indoor plants for the best results.


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