Cozy Kids Room Design Ideas That Suitable For Your Kids13
Cozy Kids Room Design Ideas That Suitable For Your Kids13

46 Cozy Kids Room Design Ideas That Suitable For Your Kids

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The first step to creating a fantasy kids room for your kid is to identify his or her fantasy. Does your child want to be a race car driver or an astronaut, a deep sea diver or a forest ranger, a Princess or a Pirate? To begin creating your kids fantasy bedroom, then, find out what your child’s idea of a perfect fantasy kids room is.

The best fantasy kids rooms are those designed around a theme. Why? Because when all the individual elements of a bedroom contribute to the same overall vision, it creates a unity of elements and gives the room a comforting sense of wholeness that a slapdash jumble of every cool accessory and idea that catches their fancy can never give.

Help your child choose a theme for their fantasy kids room and you’ll be able to create an entire world of their own that they can immerse themselves in with pleasure and delight.

Some fantasy theme room ideas for boys include: tropical jungle safari, ocean voyage, space voyage, vehicles (planes, trains, automobiles), construction zone, medieval kingdom, rock star, the Wild West – and so on.

Some fantasy theme room ideas for girls include: tea party, floral meadow or garden, Princess, movie star’s dressing room, prima ballerina, carnival, animals, undersea world – and so on.

Once you and your child have settled on a theme, a easy way to begin designing a fantasy kids room around that theme is with a custom theme bed as its centerpiece. A little boy wanting a jungle fantasy theme room, for example, will go ape for a custom treehouse bed. A little girl wanting a Princess fantasy theme room, on the other hand, will treasure a custom castle bed. The possibilities are endless!

The added benefit of starting with a custom theme bed is that you can them create the rest of the fantasy kids room around that one prominent item.

A great next step is to select a color scheme based on the theme and custom bed. Pick pillows, bedding, curtains, borders, rugs, carpet, paint, wallpaper, furniture, accessories, all to compliment that color scheme. Oceanic scenes (whether above or below the sea), for example, will have a lot of blues. Garden parties and jungle safaris will have a lot of greens. You can see how easy it is to come up with colors once you’ve first chosen a theme.

The final step in the process, then, becomes simply to accessorize. Animal-themed fantasy kids rooms, for example, might call for some stuffed animals placed about, castle fantasy kids rooms (whether for a Princess or a Prince) might benefit from a coat of arms on the wall. Again, the ideas are endless.

So sit down with your kids as soon as you can, and start designing the fantasy kids rooms that will make their fantasies come true.


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