Astonishing Bathroom Shelf Ideas With Industrial Farmhouse Towel Bar31
Astonishing Bathroom Shelf Ideas With Industrial Farmhouse Towel Bar31

37 Astonishing Bathroom Shelf Ideas With Industrial Farmhouse Towel Bar

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Bathrooms come in many sizes and many layouts, and every bathroom is primarily a working space. Having the things you need at your fingertips and a place to store spares are essential to designing a workable bathroom. We can never have too much storage, and if it’s not built into our bathrooms, we need to find it other ways. Finding the right bath towel rack can go a long way to providing a good storage solution.

When we are setting up our bathrooms, a typical storage solution is hanging a couple of towel bars on the wall. But sometimes we find that even when a bathroom has floor space, wall space is at a premium. Sometimes something as simple as adding a towel bar to the bathroom wall becomes a challenge. Even if you have wall space, you might not be able to install towel bars without damaging ceramic tile, interfering with a pocket door, or damaging electrical wiring or plumbing stacks inside the walls.

The floor layout in many bathrooms can be awkward, but that doesn’t stop the need to for this space to function well. But the selection of bath accessories available to us can help us make these spaces work well even when they pose design challenges.

To make a bath or shower area work well, you need to keep clean, dry towels just a reach away. And without taking up premium wall space, a single bath towel rack can do the work of several towel bars. The simple solution can be found in wood finishes and chrome, brass, nickel and wrought iron. You’ll find them with or without shelves in the base, in graceful traditional styles and bold contemporary designs.

A freestanding bath towel rack can be moved around the bathroom. It’s convenient to place it right outside your shower stall. But if you’re bathing kids in the big bathtub, you can move the bath towel rack to that side of the room, and safely reach for all the towels you need to bundle up the little ones.

You can browse the websites for bath accessory suppliers and wander the plumbing supply and home improvement centers for options for bathroom storage. But you can use your imagination as well. You can bring things you may already own into double duty as a bath towel rack-a freestanding wine rack for rolled towels, storage cubicles to stack folded towels, a book shelf-a small one to fit under a window, or a tall one to stock all your bath linens and toiletries. Even a large magazine rack or a bold woven basket, which can easily moved around the room, can hold several towels rolled and standing on end.

Maybe you have a small end table with a shelf and drawers gives you just enough storage space right next to your bathtub for bathing essentials. Maybe you’d consider leaning a ladder against the wall for lots of hanging space for towels-an antique wooden one for a home in the country, or a metal one in an industrial urban loft.

Or try a leaning bookcase; you can add folded towels on some shelves and store bath essentials on others. If you have some floor space to spare, consider a cart on wheels. Maybe there’s rolling bar from your parents’ rec room hanging out in your basement. Give it a fresh coat of spray paint and put it back to work. You can even consider adding office furniture to your bathroom-take a look at printer stands for an alternative to a traditional bath towel rack.

With the right storage, even a challenging bathroom can work with effortless efficiency.


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