Unique Floating Bunk Beds Design That You Need To Know31
Unique Floating Bunk Beds Design That You Need To Know31

44 Unique Floating Bunk Beds Design That You Need To Know

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Bunk beds are a good choice for a room that has limited floor space and needs to sleep two children. They are a great choice of bed for a small room and especially to sleep two children who are around the same age. White bunk beds are a great choice for children’s rooms because they will match any design motif. White beds can be paired with any colored wall, except white. If the white beds are in a white room paint the walls a different color so the bed does not appear to blend into the room. Also consider using a fun and colored bed spread for the beds in a color that matches the wall. That is a very nice look because the top bedding will almost seem as if it is floating.

There are white beds made for girls and boys. Boys beds typically have very straight lines and are simple in design and structure. Some girls bunk beds can get a little more complicated in design and have an arced head board and foot board and others even have closed off foot boards with moulded and sculpted edges. A little imaginative girl would love a bunk bed that is fashioned like a white doll house.

A good choice of  bed for a child that has a lot of guests sleeping over for slumber parties is a white bunk bed with a trundle underneath the bed. The trundle can be pushed in when it is not in use and looks like it is a part of the bed. When the full trundle is pulled out for sleeping on all that needs to be added is pillows and an extra blanket to make it comfortable for sleeping on.

Another under the bed option is storage. Instead of keeping a trundle under the bed for guests to sleep in a drawer can be installed under the bed where extra clothing or toys can be stored. This is a convenient extra storage space that can be concealed as a part of the bed. Another aspect to consider about white bunk beds is how the ladder will be placed. Some beds come with ladders attached to the side of the bed and others extend out towards the floor. The ladders that extend out toward the floor are much easier to climb and safer to climb as well. Always make sure the ladders are secured.

There are also loft white bunk beds that can be positioned for more storage room. The upper bunk bed is supported by a chest of drawers under the head and foot board. The lower bed fits underneath the loft space with the headboard against the wall. This way two people can sleep in the beds and also keep their clothing stored in the sides of the bed. This type of unit is good for rooms with limited space that need more storage where it can be created.


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