Cool Outdoor Garden Design Ideas With Small Pool For Your Home30
Cool Outdoor Garden Design Ideas With Small Pool For Your Home30

46 Cool Outdoor Garden Design Ideas With Small Pool For Your Home

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Choosing the right pool takes careful consideration as it is an expensive undertaking and will become a permanent feature of your garden. It is important to get it right the first time as it will add significant value to your property.

As well as the cost of the pool there will be other expenses, such as the safety fence, any landscaping, the pool pump and most likely a heater as well. You also will want to choose a pool that suits your style of garden, whether it be formal, modern, tropical or a cottage garden.


Your budget will be a large factor in determining what type of pool you have. Remembering you will need to look at purchasing insurance and there will be the continuing maintenance costs. You will also be required by law to install a safety fence. The space you have in your garden will determine the size of the pool but you will also need to consider your budget. You may have the funds to have a landscaper design the surrounding garden or you can easily do that yourself. There are plenty of gardening books and magazines, and nursery’s always have helpful staff.


When choosing the shape of your pool think about what will suit your garden and the landscape. You may be limited if you have a small back garden or if you have a sloping property. Also have a think about what you will be using your pool for. If you want a pool just for laps and you have a limited amount of garden then a narrow lap pool would be ideal. If your garden slopes away towards the back fence then a pool will need to be built up on the far side, but you could install a beautiful infinity pool, so when looking at the pool and across to the horizon from the house the water will appear to just drop away over the edge. You may have existing structures in the garden you need to build around or a more free form shaped pool would suit a tropical style garden.


You are required by law to have safety fences and childproof gates and these must adhere to the proper safety standards. Also think about the placement of the pool in relation to your house and other features of your garden and anything you might want to build around the pool, like a pool house, a garden, or if you are going to put in a spa as well. To save yourself from continually having to scoop leaves from your pool, make sure there are no trees overhead that are going to drop leaves. You want to enjoy your pool, rather than having to spend all your time cleaning it.

Garden style

Have a good look through brochures and lifestyle magazines to see what sort of pools different types of gardens have. You will notice that certain types of pools better suit specific garden styles. A tropical garden would look best with a pool that is reminiscent of a natural lagoon, so have an unstructured shape. You may want to build a small rock feature with a water fall. A formal garden with neat hedges and ordered garden beds may suit a geometric shaped pool, like a rectangle, and if the budget allows, build a pool house at one end.


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