Attractive Woodworking Wall Project Ideas For Best Home Decoration33
Attractive Woodworking Wall Project Ideas For Best Home Decoration33

47 Attractive Woodworking Wall Project Ideas For Best Home Decoration

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Every room of the home, office or garage can always use a few shelves. Maybe you would like to put some in. While you could just as easily buy some at the store, if you a woodworker, it’s a lot more fun and rewarding to turn this need into a woodworking shelf project that you can do yourself!

A project such as this will require the right tools and materials. Tools you may need include a skill saw, screw gun, pencil, t-square, and level. A stud finder might be helpful too, and goggles and gloves are a good addition for the “safety first” minded. As far as materials, you will need some good wood for shelves, decorative brackets, wall anchors, sandpaper, and a drop cloth, or an old towel or newspaper.

Make sure when you are selecting your wood that it is not only sturdy enough to hold up whatever will be placed on it, but also fits the look of the room.

Step one is to take some measurements where the shelves will go. Take the wood, and make a nice square mark with a pencil so that when you cut the wood, you make a nice straight cut. Then slowly cut the shelves to size with a skill saw. Cutting slowly will help keep the cut straight and clean. Once your pieces are cut sand off all the rough edges with sandpaper.

Next lay down a drop cloth, old towel or newspapers to protect the floor of your garage or shop, and paint or stain the wood to whatever will look good in the room where it will go. While it is true that there may be a little touch up painting to do later, it is advisable to do the majority of the paint or stain in the garage or shop, to keep the odds of paint or stain spilling into the carpet or floor of the house to a minimum. If you choose to use stain, the two things to keep in mind is that one, you will not know the final color of the stain until it dries, and two, you can always darken, but never lighten. That is why you should apply one coat, and wait for it to completely dry before adding a second coat. Once the stain or paint is to your liking, add a coat of polyurethane for a final, finished look.

Now install your wall anchors where the brackets are going to go. You will definitely need a bracket at each end, and maybe one ore more in the middle if the shelves are very long or are to hold a lot of weight. Use a level to mark where all the shelves and brackets will go to ensure that everything is level, square and plumb.

Once all your anchors are in place, attach the brackets to the anchors, and attach the shelves to the brackets. Add touch up paint if needed, and your woodworking shelf project is complete!

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