Inexpensive Candles Ideas For Winter Season To Try Asap38
Inexpensive Candles Ideas For Winter Season To Try Asap38

42 Inexpensive Candles Ideas For Winter Season To Try Asap

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Over summer we include our home’s gardens and outdoor living spaces in our lifestyle as much as possible. But in winter we turn to the interior of our home and try to shut out the dark and cold. Comfort really is the catchphrase for winter living. We tend to be more indulgent and less disciplined. Therefore the idea is to create the feel of smaller, intimate space where we can snuggle in. Some people have summer and winter curtains which the interchange to transform the feel of their rooms from season to season.

Winter fabrics tend to be heavier, luxurious and the colors more dramatic.

Textures are important and using lamps to create pockets of light instead of overhead lighting is a simple way to create intimacy. Incandescent bulbs that cast a yellowish light feel cosier than halogens, so choose fittings with this in mind. If you have wall lights in your hallway, use these instead of ceiling lights to cast a warm glow. If you have a large living room, moving the furniture away from the walls and adding a rug to the floor will help define the space. Cushions in faux fur, velvet and wool help give a warm feel to your rooms.

Keep a mohair blanket or throw over the back of your sofa for when you want to settle in for the night. This will add to the feeling of warmth and comfort that is so much a part of winter decorating. Depending on your decorative scheme, choose either an accent color for your accessories or make the most of your neutral feel by adding lots of texture.

Add a pile of interesting books to your coffee table along with some candles. If you are entertaining, use candles and deep colored flowers to decorate your dining table. This is a time to serve roast dinners, red wine, apple pie and many traditional favourites. In winter your bedroom should become a haven. Add a throw for the end of the bed. Lamps are especially important in these rooms as the warm light is part of the ambient fee that you wish to create.

If you are selling your home over winter it is imperative to create an intimate feel. Think about how your home will be perceived by a cold buyer and work to provide as much welcome and warmth as you can. This will make a huge difference to the first impression of your home. Build a haven for your family, snuggle in for the winter and relax.

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