Affordable Winter Decoration Ideas For Your Balconies To Copy Asap12
Affordable Winter Decoration Ideas For Your Balconies To Copy Asap12

46 Affordable Winter Decoration Ideas For Your Balconies To Copy Asap

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Balcony is an important part of your home and perhaps is the only place to relax and enjoy the fresh air, if you are living in an apartment. And for those who love to bring changes in their homes, balcony is a perfect place to go green. Wherever you have balcony garden, an overhead structure is inevitable so as to provide privacy and to create a sense of seclusion.

Overhead structure also provides a shelter as it keeps the devastating effects of sunshine away and also protect your balcony from summer showers. For getting more natural and pleasing effects, you must opt for climbing plants, especially if you go for deciduous types or quick growing annuals; these are more useful in the winter season. The plants like wisteria, climbing roses and clematis not only produces beautiful foliage but also attractive flowers in both spring and summer season.


A series of metal wires or a pergola structure is a more common type of support for plants. It needs to be strong enough to support the plants, such as for slender twining annuals like sweet peas. It is very effective and ornamental option and can be of great help through out the winter season with a complete or partial cover. Pergolas are usually a strong and sturdy structure, as they have to support the lightweight bamboo screens or canvas in the summer season. Similarly, to produce more secluded effect and privacy cane mats or reed panels can also be fixed to the sides of the pergolas.

A pergola is normally made from rough sawn timber, but for more sophisticated designs and schemes, it is sanded and a proper finishing is done by applying paint and varnish. To achieve the lighter effects the pergolas are created by using metal poles, unpeeled larch poles, or bamboo that is attached with galvanized nails, but apparently fasten with twine to get a traditional effect. Steel girders can also be used painted in ox blood red, blue or dark grey to produce the chunky hi-tech effect.

If we observe closely, we will come to the conclusion that pergolas are just not only the framework with series of crossbeams along the top; if needed, these crossbeams are allowed to extend beyond the framework. It is not always necessary to have it cut flush. You can remove the hanging baskets. Remember, pergolas always require a good sturdy vertical supports, which are fixed firmly to the back wall. You can further enhance the safety and security of the pergola by adding a support in the form of tensioning wire or cable fastened to any close wall or any other sturdy structure.

The best option here is to use the stainless steel or plastic covered wires with proper space and tension to provide your pergola a safe support. Metal wires are usually not considered as ornamental as other materials are helpful to support climbing plants.

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