Unique White Minimalist Master Bedroom Design Ideas To Try Asap12
Unique White Minimalist Master Bedroom Design Ideas To Try Asap12

50 Unique White Minimalist Master Bedroom Design Ideas To Try Asap

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If you want to make your master bedroom look more chic, elegant, and luxurious with a touch of vintage to it then there are several easy ways to create this feel. Let’s have a brief look at some of the things you can do.

Start with the floor – If you are lucky enough to have a wooden floor, then you are already one step ahead. The wood will look natural and the grain will deliver character and appeal.

A cream tone will definitely work well for the wall colour. Cream has a depth to it that brings out the warmth and luxury of the other things in the room.

Choose floor to ceiling curtains as they will help to create that show of wealth and elegance. Cream will again work well and tie in with your vintage theme. Tie backs will add layers to the luxury.

When deciding on bedroom furniture, you could either paint existing furniture in white, which is very popular, or another option would be to opt for natural wood. If you are indulging and buying new furniture then make sure you put fitted sliding wardrobes on the list.

Sliding wardrobe doors, along with fitted wardrobe interiors can free up a lot of floor space because drawers and shelves can be incorporated within the structure, thus eliminating the need for extra items of furniture. Being made to measure will ensure they fit into whatever available space you have and will help you to make the best of the rest of the room. Mirrored wardrobe doors will help to reflect any available light around the room, further enhancing that feel of roominess.

With creamy tones used elsewhere, it would probably be sensible to continue the theme with the bedding. Cushions and throws can be added for texture. Stylish glass bedside lamps can look really good within the overall vintage chic appearance.

You can complete the look with a few accessories. How about having a luxury armchair in the corner of the room with cream scatter cushions? If you have a lace petticoat, why not hang it up against one of the walls, creating a designer boutique element to the room. Hang hearts on drawer and door handles. Use old picture frames painted cream with black and white photos inside and display them in a collection. Lastly, dress the furniture with glass perfume bottles and vases and you have created your very own chic vintage master bedroom.


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