Comfy Kitchens Design Ideas For Small Areas That You Need To Have19
Comfy Kitchens Design Ideas For Small Areas That You Need To Have19

35 Comfy Kitchens Design Ideas For Small Areas That You Need To Have

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Many of today’s kitchen designs are showcased in larger over-sized kitchens, which make great ideas for those who have large kitchens but just not practical for some of us who don’t. What about designs for small kitchen areas? Since we all want a space that provides efficiency and optimum storage for the kitchen here are a few ways to maximize designs for small kitchen spaces.

With any kitchen space you shouldn’t have to give up your amenities, just use sensible designs for small kitchen spaces. In most cases it is better to remove anything big and bulky and use small accent pieces to bring out your style. I have also found that in just about any room you can position mirrors or even add an imitation mirror window to the wall and it will automatically make the room seem larger.

Simple enlarging designs for small kitchen areas will start with eliminating anything that is not used in the room at all. Clear all your counter space; remove junk in drawers, or anything else that is not used in the kitchen. When choosing color for your new kitchen designs stay away from dark colors and large prints on towels, curtains, walls, anything that will be showcased.

Designs for Small Kitchen

To maximize kitchen space, create lots of open shelving. Adding shelving on the walls makes use of otherwise wasted storage space. Add some storage bars, hooks, and pot racks. This will make cooking material more convenient and free up cabinet spaces for other items.

As you review designs for small kitchen spaces, keep in mind there are three main areas of the kitchen that need to be spaced to provide maximum use and allow multiple people to be in the area without cramping each other. These three areas are 1) the stove, 2) the refrigerator, and 3) the sink. By choosing a design that allows movement around these areas you’ll have a much more functional kitchen.

Designs for small kitchen areas should also carefully place lighting. Light is a very important part of making a space feel open. In many cases, just adding some extra light to a room can make a big difference. There are a couple of different ways you can achieve more lighting. One way is to add a window, a skylight, or just hiring an electrician to install more light fixtures in the room. If you are using a low watt bulb, maybe bump it up a notch.

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