Inspiring Glass Cabin Design Ideas With Recycled Windows To Try28
Inspiring Glass Cabin Design Ideas With Recycled Windows To Try28

37 Inspiring Glass Cabin Design Ideas With Recycled Windows To Try

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Winter is over, and it’s time to replace old windows and doors that aren’t energy efficient. In any town or city, you will see stacks of old window sashes on the curbside, waiting for the bulk trash pickup. Is one of those stacks in front of your house? You might be thinking something to the effect of ‘ I’d like to keep just one, because it’s a part of the house that I don’t want my children to forget,’

Well, I have a suggestion for you…

If you don’t really want to start from scratch, you are welcome to make use of any of the patterns you may find on the internet to create a piece of artwork, that would eventually hang in your home. The glass in the window sashes can be cleaned, and then painted on, to create a very handsome addition to your home. I’m particularly fond of the sashes that still have the hand blown glass intact, especially if they have very old or just plain interesting hardware on them.

The first thing to do, would be to clean up the wooden frame of the window sash. After having been raised in a family of furniture refinishers, nothing less than a perfect finish was acceptable. When I started doing this a few years ago, I completely refinished all of them. Live and learn. They don’t all really want to be completely refinished.

When a few more primitive or rather basic paintings came along, I realized that they, in particular might have looked better in a frame that wasn’t geared toward perfection. At that point, I took a few window sashes that I had already stripped and sanded, and did nothing more than paint them to use for paintings of wildlife, or more natural, or in some cases, natural disaster scenes.

So, in conclusion, I would suggest that you do a little more thinking than I did at first, about the complexity of the painting subject before going through the pain a getting a perfect finish on it. A moose in the wild at sunset might look a little bit better if the window you’re looking ‘through’ were from a rustic cabin versus the window from a nice new estate.

In any event, how you recycle your window sashes will be your decision, and I wish you the very best of luck with your efforts!

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