Rustic College Dorm Room Design Ideas With American Flag Display To Try03
Rustic College Dorm Room Design Ideas With American Flag Display To Try03

40 Rustic College Dorm Room Design Ideas With American Flag Display To Try

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Even if you’re living in the heart of a bustling city, it is still possible to get some much needed rest and relaxation by giving your bedroom a country ambiance. There are several decors which will help you get the look and feel that you want and need. The main idea is to get the traditional effect by combining the right colors and materials.

Americana country décor uses a lot of white, blue and red plus stars and stripes. You can use a variety of items sporting these accents and patterns like quilts, flags, chair and table covers. You may want to hang an American flag at one side of the bedroom or place drapes over the door and windows. Americana boxes make great decors as well and you can use them as storage spaces as well. Simply put two or three boxes at one end of the room and paint words like “Pride, Hope, Love” etc. Special logos or designs that you may want to add are American eagles, national monuments and other American symbols.

Stars create a wonderful country effect to your bedroom. Americana star garland is great on the wall or the bedroom door. Barn stars are one of the most common items used for country themes. You may use any size or color that best compliments your bedroom. Some barn stars are made of wood or rusty or polished metal. Large barn stars can look good even on small walls. Smaller ones can be conveniently placed on windows and closet doors.

Country candles are another popular country décor. You can mount wooden or metal candle holders on the wall then place candles for nighttime light. Accessorize thick candles with berry garland. You may also place country candles in a bowl of potpourri so it doubles as an aromatherapy kit that helps provide more rest and relaxation.

Fur rugs and carpet runners help accentuate the bedroom. Choose a color that best compliments the floor. Hardwood floors will stand out more if you choose light colored rugs because of the contrast. As for the windows, choose light color and thin curtains. White cotton curtains will be able to do the trick. You may also opt for floral or plaid patterns.

A country style bedroom is supposed to be simple and at the same time captivating. By using simple crafts and decors, you will be able to get the perfect ambiance that takes you to another time and place.

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