Cute Beach Winter Decorations Ideas That You Should Try39
Cute Beach Winter Decorations Ideas That You Should Try39

42 Cute Beach Winter Decorations Ideas That You Should Try

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There may still be snow on the ground outside, but you don’t have to live like its winter in your heart. Beat back the cold and create a haven of warmth by designing a beach theme in your own home.

A beach theme is relatively easy, with many of the components being things you can pick up at a local beach. Sea shells, sand, and drift wood are all materials that are free of charge, provided you have a beach close enough to you. If you are stranded from the ocean however, most of those items can also be purchased at the local arts and crafts store.

Please note that anything which you take from a beach should be washed, and sanitized before you bring it into your home.

Finding clever ways to use these materials throughout the space is the next step. Large sea shells can be turned upside down and used as ashtrays, or if they are stable, as candle holders and incense stands. Sand can be placed in a glass dish as a decorative item in its own right. Spruce it up by adding tiny sea pebbles, rocks, glass gems, bits of shell, or whatever takes your fancy. If you have a small fork, leave it by the dish, and you will have created your own Zen sand garden, a constantly evolving piece of temporary art, which will reinforce feelings of tranquility within the room.

There are also a number of decorative items which you can buy to round out your beach theme. Anything with a palm tree will evoke the proper atmosphere. Some people even like to purchase real, miniature palms, to increase the reality of the theme. Natural sandstone coasters can serve to add sandy texture to the space, without the mess of using actual sand.

If you want to get really committed then you can alter the color of the walls, floors, and other fixtures to match your tropical theme. The best tones to use are light, tan, and sandy colors. You can also mix in reds, oranges, and golden hues, to simulate the look of a beach at sunset. Deep ocean blue accents should be used sparingly, but can provide some wonderful contrasting effects.

Another key to a beach themed décor is to include plenty of illumination. You want the ambiance of the space to feel warm and sunny, like a summer day. Having lots of clear open windows is a natural way to achieve this exact effect. You should also do your best to maintain a warm, toasty temperature, as this will all contribute to the beachyness of the space.

A beach themed décor is a great way to fight back against the winter blah’s, and keep the warmth and joy of summer in your heart all year round. It is also relatively easy to accomplish using just a few natural materials, some printed accessories, and few color tricks to simulate the ambiance of a warm day by the water.

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