Magnificient Ikea Stuva Loft Beds Design Ideas For Your Kids Rooms17
Magnificient Ikea Stuva Loft Beds Design Ideas For Your Kids Rooms17

44 Magnificient Ikea Stuva Loft Beds Design Ideas For Your Kids Rooms

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The small size of the living area is the major issue for the dorm room decorator. When working with such a compact space, including pieces of furniture that double up in purpose and function increases the room’s usable space. This way, you can use all the space of the room, from the floor (for storage) to the ceiling (for sleeping.) For example, you can pair a desk and a bed by using a loft bed. You can increase the storage space with a bunk bed. All these combinations offer tons of creative solutions for a smart student decorator.

A loft bed takes advantage of the room space under and above your bed. With a loft bed, you can use the space underneath to place a desk or even a futon; with a bunk bed, you get a roomy storage that can replace a chest of drawers. The available space can be used for useful shelves to house books, magazines or other items.

Loft and bunk bed units can be purchased in a store or built from scratch by a handy do-it-yourselfer. The space under the loft bed can be used in many ways. For example, you can arrange a secluded study area simply by adding an armchair, a bookcase and a lighting fixture. Bunk beds help save space doubling as storage, so you can get rid of your large chest of drawers. You can “find” some space in bunk chairs that can hold extra clothes, linens, and bedding. Additional options that increase storage under a loft or bunk bed include adjustable pole shelving and filing modules available at IKEA.

If you don’t want your dorm look like military quarters choose a favorite color scheme and introduce small elements of color throughout the dorm space. You can visibly eliminate clutter by storing your belongings in bank boxes or baskets which you can decorate with matching fabric or wallpaper.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, inject some color into the room with paint. Choose a statement shade and create a focal point by painting one wall. Alternatively, if you have a small room, make the available space appear larger by choosing softer shades that coordinate with the existing room décor. One of the easiest ways to make a dorm appear relaxed and inviting is with lighting. Choose your lights appropriately depending on whether you want a soft glow or a bright, light space.

To liven up your loft bed you can use washable slipcovers in bright colors and easy to wash fabrics such as cotton-polyester mix. You can buy a matching set of covers for the extra seating space under your loft bed. You can buy a great throw to decorate your loft bed in a novelty store such as Pier 1 or even on a flea market.

When designing your dorm space around a bunk or loft bed, remember that even on a budget it is possible to create a tidy and uncluttered room where everything has a suitable place. No matter if you will be sharing a dorm room with a relative or friend, you still can maximize creativity, minimize clutter and help to create a one-of-a-kind dorm décor.

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