Chic Yellow Accent Design Ideas For Apartment That Suitable For Young Family04
Chic Yellow Accent Design Ideas For Apartment That Suitable For Young Family04

48 Chic Yellow Accent Design Ideas For Apartment That Suitable For Young Family

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If your home is a small apartment, there’s a great decorating tip which can help the space seem much larger than it actually is: Create a colorful accent wall. By creating one accent wall in your apartment which uses a splash of bold color, your eye will be drawn to that section of the room and that creates the overall impression that the room itself is actually larger than it really is.

This decorating technique is particularly useful for people who live in apartments, because it’s much easier to revert back to “normal” when it’s time to move. It costs very little in time or money to repaint your accent wall to match the rest of the apartment, but it makes an amazing design difference while you’re living there.

If you’ve never heard of an accent wall before you’re in for a treat. Essentially you design one wall of your room to be the designer focal point. The accent wall is generally painted a different color than the rest of the room – in fact it works the best when your accent wall is a bold, vibrant, or dark and contrasting color that really stands out from the rest of the room.

Keep in mind that this technique is used on one wall only, to help make it the focal point of your room. You don’t want to use dark colors on all the walls in a small apartment space, because that will make the apartment look even smaller than it actually is. Making your accent wall a dark and vibrant color will enhance the overall room while leaving plenty of existing light that helps create a spacious feel. And since your eyes will actually be captivated by the accent wall itself, the room will end up feeling much bigger in the end.

The first step is to choose a primary wall in your apartment. If you have a wall that’s already something of a focal point – in other words it’s the first thing anyone sees when they walk in the door – then that’s usually the best place to create an accent wall.

Any walls which have existing features that you can accentuate are excellent choices too. Walls with a fireplace for example, or walls which have some interesting feature such as a unique shape or design.

The color you choose for your wall will evoke specific feelings and moods, so keep this in mind while planning this new design. Warm colors in shades of red or yellow will create more agitation and activity, while blues and greens are cooler colors which instill a sense of relaxation. Regardless of the color shade you choose, be sure to select a vibrant and dark variation for this accent wall so that it really stands out from the rest.

Just painting that wall alone will usually make enough of a style statement for visitors, and make you feel as if you’re living in your own designer home. You can take the decorating further too of course, by strategically hanging artwork and accent lamps or sconces. You can also place a bookshelf against the wall and arrange your favorite books and collectibles for a finishing touch.

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