Marvelous Kids Storage Design Ideas With Wall System To Have34
Marvelous Kids Storage Design Ideas With Wall System To Have34

46 Marvelous Kids Storage Design Ideas With Wall System To Have

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When you’re a kid, it’s hard to pick out the best design, home accessories or colors for your room. That’s why it’s best for parents to take control when it comes to the overall design of a kid’s room. But going overboard and choosing all of the design can make your kid feel left out of the project. Use this guide to find the happy medium and give you and your little ones a room to be proud of.

Wall Coverings

The best way to begin any room is by starting with the walls. This will give you a base color for your design. Choose a color that compliments the existing or future floor coverings to blend in the colors best. Wall colors should be a solid or mixed fusion of soft and bright colors. You can still let your kid pick their favorite color-even if it is fire engine red. Just let your child pick their favorite color and then choose a paint that’s in a similar color spectrum to turn down bright colors like purples, pinks, yellows and oranges to more soothing tones like velvet, conch shell, daisy and sandstone.

Kids Room Decor Tip: If you’re looking for a great way to get an instant mural, consider using a vinyl sticker. These instant wall art masterpieces add instant voice to any kid’s room design.

Wall Decor

Decorating your walls with murals can be just the start. Because walls are the perfect up and out of the way areas, you can keep wall decor out of the reach of little hands. Wall decor can be basic wall murals to hanging model airplanes from the ceiling-as long as it’s out of reach. What may look like a cute decor item to you, probably will look like a toy to your child.

Kid’s Room Decor Tip: Keep it functional and fashionable with a cool wall clock. It looks good and helps your little ones keep in time.

Toy Storage

One of the toughest things to do in any kid’s room is to hide away the toys. But that’s where most of the design themes go wrong. Hiding away the toys isn’t the answer to the problem. Instead, display the toys on built in shelving, bins and cubby holes for the ultimate in kid’s room toy storage. With a built in shelving system along one section of the wall, above headboards or around a dresser, toys can be easily put away and grabbed quickly when it’s play time.

Kid’s Room Decor Tip: Shelving also doubles as a great place to put up table decor. With a few cute table decorations in a snug out of reach cubby hole, you can keep some areas of the room decorated all of the time.

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