Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas That Suitable For Your Apartment18
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas That Suitable For Your Apartment18

37 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas That Suitable For Your Apartment

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Some country kitchens are large and spacious, part of a rambling farmhouse that has grown with one addition after another over the years. But you can also find more modern country kitchens in townhouse apartments or small houses where space is at a premium.

Careful Designs for a Country Kitchen

Small kitchen design should take into account the whimsical and practical details of a country kitchen while not sacrificing precious space. Here are a few tips to help fit your country kitchen remodeling dreams into a small kitchen design reality:

  • Look for elements that do double duty. An island that doubles as a wine cabinet or a countertop all-in-one unit that slices, dices, and mixes everything are both good ideas for making the most out of a tiny space.
  • Make the space appear larger. Careful placement of windows, a skylight over the center of the room, and appliance garages that carefully hide away the odds and ends are perfect for making the room look bigger than it really is.
  • Forget the traditional. Do you really need a massive refrigerator? Opt for a vintage one that doesn’t take up much space but bursts with character. Use a wall oven that is built into your cabinets and put the range on your island. Opt for flat burners to provide even more usable space when the range is not in use.
  • When it comes to decorating, less is more. Fewer distractions for the eye means the space feels more open and airy. Choose your country kitchen decorations with an eye toward those big on charm.
  • Finally, choose colors that are soothing, such as french white or sky blue. Easy, simple lines and harmonious colors are key points that can make your small kitchen design a success.

Whether you are planning to make this a do-it-yourself project, or planning to use professional kitchen remodelers, these are a number of practical ways you can make your small kitchen space big on country design.

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