Enchanting Home Exterior Designs Ideas That Looks So Cool18
Enchanting Home Exterior Designs Ideas That Looks So Cool18

41 Enchanting Home Exterior Designs Ideas That Looks So Cool

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The principles of feng shui may not only be applied to areas inside of the house. For your patio or other outside parts of your property, there are a few standard ideas that relate to the Chinese system of feng shui.

Choose the location. There are four locations which are recommended for your patio to be built in. One is on the right corner at the back of your property. This position is believed to be related to positive feelings with regards to topics of love as well as romance. The next position is on the back, but this time on the left side of the property. For this, the main emphases are on the owner’s finances. The last two locations are on the center of your back property or at the whole expanse of it.

Organize the place. This can be done by making sure that all unnecessary fixtures or accessories are taken care of. Actually, you don’t need feng shui for this tip. A place that is clutter-free will always look and feel balanced whether with the application of the Chinese principle, or not.

The most common items that you will need to tidy up in the patio and surrounding places would be garden tools, kid’s toys if you have little kids, and other work materials. Also, these places may have lots of fallen leaves or garbage that need to be removed.

Free the pathways. One of the most famous assumptions of this Chinese belief is that a place that is free from obstructions and has unrestricted ways should be maintained to let the positive vibes into the home or into the place.

Such obstructions can be in the form of furniture that you have positioned or of natural pieces like plants or trees. You will easily take note of these obstructions as, generally, they make the pathway curved rather than one that is free flowing and goes straight into the middle as well as the end part of the room or space.

Position your furniture correctly. The next principle that you need to keep in mind is that all furniture should be placed in a way that the person sitting on it will have a view of the entrance of the patio. This means that you need to choose outdoor sofas or a patio loveseat that can be positioned towards the entrance. To make use of the space better, have L-shaped or semi-circular furniture.

Take care of plants. As much as possible, if you are going to consider feng shui, do not display plants that are dying or worse, dead. Provide extra nourishment to your plants but if they are not thriving very well, it is better if you just remove them.

Or, another alternative will be to replace them with low-maintenance plants that are not sensitive or delicate enough to be affected by a sudden change in the weather outside. Position them on top of balusters or on the floor but never hang them above or near where people are sitting down.

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