Relaxing Backyard Hammock Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Decor23
Relaxing Backyard Hammock Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Decor23

43 Relaxing Backyard Hammock Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Decor

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When we think of different ways of relaxation, my mind conjures up a picture of a person resting on a hammock secured between two trees on a beach shore with the gentle sound of the waves. The very image gives us a feeling of peace, tranquility and utmost comfort and relaxation.

Hammocks are an ultimate way to relax. Hammocks have been around for centuries. The hammock is a piece of fabric or cloth sling used for resting or relaxation. The word hammock is derived from the Spanish word ‘hamac’ or ‘hamaca’, which in turn was taken from a Haiti word meaning ‘fish net’. The word is very apt as most of the ancient hammocks looked like fish nets.

Hammocks can be made of different materials like cloth or a network of twine or thin natural or synthetic rope which is stretched between two firmpoints such as trees or attached to a metal or wood structure. Most of the ancient hammocks were basic in nature and were purely utilitarian.

Since the hammocks are suspended above the ground, they protected the sleeper from being bitten by snakes, poisonous bugs and even dirt, water and other unsanitary conditions that existed at that age. Ancient people used the hammocks for seating, sleeping and even as sleep swings for infants.

In present days, we see the use of hammocks in backyards in homes, in yachts, ships and camping/travel. Due to the current popularity of hammocks, many new styles have come up including travel/camping hammocks complete with mosquito nets, hammock chairs made of metal or wood, weave hammocks made from cotton and silk materials , hammock tripod chairs and even tail gate hammocks.

Each style has its own distinctive set of advantages and admirers. They also come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Not only are they a source of relaxation and comfort but they also add a touch of class to home decor.

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